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Guest Review Software & Hotel Reputation Management

Easy Way to Generate and Manage Guest Reviews

With your personal seal of approval you create trust and keep visitors longer on your website. With just one click your guests have access to guest ratings and comments.

For maximum success we combine the review page with your booking form!

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Why own guest reviews are useful

You build trust on your website

You prevent visitors from leaving your website and reading guest reviews on portals

You increase the direct bookings and reduce the commissions to booking portals

Improve customer loyalty through direct interaction with guests

Gather valuable feedback to ensure quality and service

Simple, Effective, Attractive



Guest import

Automatic e-mail delivery (Example)

Multilingual evaluation sheet (Example)



Guest data with status

Comment ratings (Example)

Statistics on Dashboard (Example)



Rule-based distribution

Hotelwebsite, Tripadvisor, HolidayCheck, Google+, Zoover (Example)

Quality seal on hotel website

Guests access your review page with just one click

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Features of the guest review software Hot!Review


Your guests will automatically receive an electronic questionnaire after their departure, which can be answered quickly and easily.


Email templates are available in different languages so that you can personally address your guests.


The generated guest reviews are automatically displayed on the review page. We link the page with your booking engine so that visitors can book directly on your website.


With the comment function you can reply to all reviews of your guests and comment on them. You improve the dialogue with your guests and increase customer loyalty.


The system informs you of new incoming guest reviews. You always have an overview.


You decide how many of your guests will be directed to your own rating form and how many will be directed to the rating portals in order to submit their guest reviews. We recommend to direct the majority of guests to your own site.


The dashboard displays statistics on the number of reviews, average value of each feature, recommendation rate, age, travel type and portals.

Seal of quality

You can customize the seal of approval (your rating widget) according to your preferences so that it can be optimally integrated into your website.

Quality seal for the hotel website


Demo-Hotel Hot!Suite

Hotel Reputation Management pays off

Guest reviews influence sales and RevPar

  • The increase in review score translates into the price increase without loosing a market share.
  • Guest ratings on the website increase the probability of a direct booking
  • The better the reviews, the higher the RevPar. The reviews quantity is not essential
  • If a hotel increases its review scores by 1 point on a 5-point scale (e.g., from 3.3 to 4.3), the hotel can increase its price by 11.2 percent and still maintain the same occupancy or market share.
  • A 1-percent increase in a hotel’s online reputation score leads up to a 1.42-percent increase in price as measured by the hotel’s average daily rate (ADR)

Hot tip from the Hot-Tec Team

With a direct sales strategy, it is particularly important that most ratings remain on your own website. Because every rating is “gold value” and a kind of “currency” on the web. The more you collect on your own website, the more relevant it is to search engines such as Google and Co. Google loves fresh, uniquenous content (individually written and up-to-date content).

Scientific evidence

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