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Rate Shopping Software decision Intelligence for hotel managers

Pricing information you need

Benefit from easy-to-use graphics and reporting tools that help you understand your competitors’ rates. View rates by source, competitor, days out or arrival date. Export data to Excel for team meetings. The rate shopping software helps you to optimize room rates in time and in line with demand.

Forecasting as it should be

Forecasting individual rates for each competitor helps you to make well-informed decisions. You can also call up historical price data. With the Hotel Rate Shopper you can react instantly and make price changes as required.

Better Benchmarking

Make better pricing decisions with the smart room classification. Identify competitor room types, products and prices.

Key Features

Unlimited rate shopsCreate unlimited number of rate shops from your dashboard
Choose your sourcesBooking, HRS, Expedia,, Priceline, Orbitz
Global CoverageAny region of the world, any language
30 Days OutThe standard coverage is 30 days out
Extended Future ViewRates are shown out to one year
Daily updateRates are updated daily as standard
Easy-to-use FilterHotel, Sources, Room type, Room category, Conditions, Meals, Occupancy, Price sorting, Days Out, Date of arrival
Smart room matchingIntelligent rate plan and room matching
Interactive graphingPrice views for single hotels, multiple hotels and sources (portals)
Detailed viewDetailed information such as on hotel portals can be accessed with a single click
Historical dataSimple historical rate report view for change monitoring
ForecastingAdvanced data-driven forecasting
Email updatesSet-up periodic email updates and alerts
Data exportExport table data to Excel format for team meetings

Free Trial

Try our Hotel Rate Shopping Software 14 days for free. Tell us the names of your competitors we have to setup. Afterwards we’ll send you the login data and a short documentation of the user interface.